This week Thursday, our luncheon program speaker will be Ms. Terry Anderson, Executive Director of the Satilla Advocacy Services. August Program Chairman, Neil Skerratt, had scheduled a representative from Memorial Satilla Health Surgeons to speak to our members and guests at next week’s luncheon on August 31st. Invite a relative, friend or associate to our next two meetings and to complete an application to join America’s Service Club!
Next week Monday, August 28th, our club sponsors our Exchange Club Blood Drive in our Ellie Royal Conference Room.
Money prizes will be given as we aim for a record donation.
Get your iron up!


President Roger Collins read a thank you letter from Hannah Higginson, daughter of Will Higginson, for receipt of Dr. James Dye scholarship, South Georgia State College. She said it would enhance her ambition to continue to strive to emulate others achieving in school. Thanks Hannah for your excelling effort in school. Good luck, Hannah!


President Roger Collins read a letter to our club, thanking us for the donation and asking to help their organization sell/buy tickets of Boston Butts at $20 each. They also have a 50/50 raffle at $2.00 ticket.


President Michael Ray introduced Judy and Danny Barnes who are pursuing a project of setting up mobile speed warnings signs along busy streets in Waycross. One sign would be placed in each of the five voting districts as the first phase.
The cost is $20,000 and donations will be sought and sent to our National Exchange Club. The signs will collect travel data, and hours for police to use. Also, a memorial sign will be researched for names of veterans who have died in all our wars. It will take three years to collect all names from all wars who have suffered and given their ultimate sacrifice for our country.


Neil Skerratt introduced Alisa “Toni” Nelson from Memorial Satilla Health to explain what services the new owners have from our local hospital. The hospital renovated a rehab center on Alice Street and renovated a building adjoining the airport.
Ten beds are now available for rehab patients. Kristie Brocklove is the rehab director. Ten more beds are planned for the future. The owners own rehab centers in several countries.
One patient is in now and more are coming this week. They do physical rehab due to injury, stroke, hip, intense rehab and neurological rehab at the airport center. Staff needed now are physical, occupational, speech, along with other physical skills. Great service for our population here.


August Programs Chairman Neil Skerratt introduced Ware County High School Head Football Coach, Franklin Stephens entering his fourth year here as a successful football coach.
He said he was excited to talk to us about wanting an elite football program and going to camps at LaGrange, North Carolina and North Carolina State. We are giving players the opportunity for college football by helping them to compete on different levels. Camden County is the first game of the
He described football as a collision and contact sport. They practiced in the heat and are getting better and, thankfully, no injuries. He hopes they do better especially under new lights. Although they are not the largest or fastest team, they work the whole year, January thru December to be a winning team.
Also, he said the Touchdown Club is the backbone of the team. Players are given one meal each day. Monday is social with a meal at the club and looking at plays as to what was good and bad. Mentors are helping kids with personal problems.
This gives the kids a “champion” mind-set so they can win and if lucky move onto championships. Their program to win is: spirit, family, academics, athletics and community. He said champions say, “We did it,” or “Got it done.” Changes need to be made in their minds to get out of low social attitudes
and the “myself, myself, myself, myself, attitude. Middle school has two great talents to play next year. Great program, Neil!

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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