There is no luncheon meeting today as we attend our Waycross and Ware County Public Safety Awards Banquet at 7:00 p.m. Wear Red Coats and spouses are invited. Sign up with Committee Chairman Chris Tatum at 912-287-2921.
Next week Thursday’s luncheon speaker will be The Miracle League brought to us by March Programs Speaker Chairman, Priscilla Christopher.


Our Exchange Club Center is the site of next Monday’s, February 27, Blood Drive. Money prizes and other incentives are available to attract new blood donors which are desperately needed.


Jim West’s wife, Jenlee, has given Jim’s red coat to our club for a member to have if it fits. Burton Carter donated $100 to Mrs. West to thank her for the gift to the club. Thanks, Jenlee and Burton for your donations


If you haven’t signed up for the club’s Public Safety Awards Banquet at 7:00 p.m this Thursday, call Chris Tatum at 912-287-2921. Wear your red coat. Spouses are invited to attend and to help honor our Officers of the Year.


Past Club President, Tony Tanner, is responsible for obtaining a slate of potential officers each year for election to leadership positions of the Club. Nominees are needed for President-Elect and three Board Members. The Exchange Club mission is to provide Community Service, American Citizenship, and Youth support by leaders in the club. Learning to be a leader of the club is one of the duties of new and long-term members. Please consider offering your time and talents to the club for a win-win result.


President Michael Ray announced that the April Fool’s Rod Run is to move back to the Okefenokee Fair Grounds. The next date is reported to be the first week in April, 7th – 8th.
Spruce up your vehicles ad get ready to show them off! GATOR’S GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM WINNING Don’t forget to check out the Ware County High School girls basketball team. They have games at the Ware County High school.


Major Chris Tatum, February Programs Chairman introduced Waycross Police Department Detective, Larry Hill, two weeks ago at our Thursday noon luncheon. Mr. Hill has been a department member since 1994 as a part of the investigative unit. He investigates crimes, works as a hostage negotiator, a finger print investigative expert and a SCS task force (state) member. He is a 2003 “Officer of the Year” recipient. Officer Hill investigates gangs here and gives talks to High School Students about the dangers of being in a gang. He recommended paying attention to kids going through a tattoo stage which is a fad going away and on a negative trend. In Jacksonville, teens shoot one to move up in gang rank. Members sell drugs to fund the gang. They have a kickback party at homes, motels to get money to put back to pay lawyers for getting members out of jail. Their meetings are structured with ranks and code literature. They take pledges, names and ranks. Mexican gang is starting prostitution here to fund gang. Hill recommends watching if kids’ grades are dropping.
Ten gangs are operating in Waycross. He recommends putting teens in church. Check who they are friends with and their backgrounds. Teens join gangs to get love and acceptance that they don’t get at home. Teens imitate gangs on T.V. Looks like more money and staff are needed to reverse this trend with more community involvement. Thanks for the program, Chris!


Chris Tatum, February Programs Chairman, introduced George Department of Natural Resources, Corporal Mark Pool at our last luncheon meeting to present a program on boat safety. He is Ranger for Pierce and Bacon Counties and is over the Governor’s Task Force. There are two new safety laws.
Driving Under Influence (DUI) has a new level of .08 from 1.0 last year. Driver of the boat must have a Boater Card Operator license which is boater safety class taught by the Coast Guard and is the same as the jet ski course. When the Satilla River runs full, it is dangerous due to the increased motor power needed to control the boat. It requires greater power and skills to maneuver the boat. Low water levels are easier to move around stumps and logs. Navigation lights have green and red lights in front and white in the rear. Running boats parallel makes for safer traffic flow. Go no high speeds. Slow down! Vessels must have life saver vests for all in the boat and be readily assessable. Seat cushion is not a life jacket.
Children under 13 must have life vest on. You want to be safe when you need it to be.
There is no full-time DNR Ranger for Ware County. The Academy is training four now and one or two will be working here soon. Corporal Pool recommends wearing vest if moving on the water to be safe. Vest Type 5 hybrid is best. Leash pull handles to inflate with a tablet that dissolves in water. Thanks Chris for bringing this program to the club members.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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