This week’s luncheon speaker is South Georgia Sate College (SGSC) President Dr. Ingrid Thompson Sellers, appointed in May 2017. Her office is in Thrash Hall, Douglas Campus. Next week, September Program Chairman Jimmy Brown will bring Scott Moye, Ware County Commission Manager. Santo Nino is October Program Chairman.


President Roger Collins reminds our 130 members to pay dues and to wear Exchange Badge at meetings. This helps new members to learn your name and face, also President Roger can verify your presence so you can win peanuts if chosen. We are a service club with a covenant of community service.


Jonathan Daniell, Ware County Emergency Management Agency. Director reported that we fared well from the storm, IRMA. On Thursday, September 14, the Waycross Shelter at Ware County High School had the last person leaving that afternoon and shelter was closed. Downed trees cut off the roads and were opened first. Many County roads were flooded but are opened after the removal of debris, some of it taken to the Erin Johnson Field at the Industrial Park for residents’ use. He thanked First Responders from City and County and was glad storm center moved West. Two more storms are lining up to follow the path of IRMA! We must pray they, too, will move westerly.


September Programs Chairman Jimmy Brown introduced Henry McLaughlin, Director of the County’s Satilla Regional Water and Sewer Authority. He introduced Will Corbitt, superintendent of the new proposed metering system to be placed around Waycross. The water/sewer system has no tax revenues and is not tied to public or politics. The authority is governed by a five member Board that is chaired by Burton Carter. Water comes from the Floridian Aquifer which flows under Southeast Georgia and all of Florida. It is pumped up from 700 deep wells and is cleanest water with fluoride naturally.

They put chlorine in only for protection. The system has 220 miles of 2”- 12” pipes and capacity of 362,000,000 gallons and pumps 1,000,000 gallons per day. Eighteen samples per month are collected and sent to EPD. Cost of samples is $28,000. Water is sold to 5,600 customers which represents 96 percent of total water sold.

A new Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) $1.7 million loan is coming to the Authority after the Federal 2018 budget is approved at a 0.65 interest rate for 15 years. It will be used to build (6 months/1 year) the state of the art, cellular technology water meters which are capable of identifying leaks at precise locations on customers property/system or the county’s system. This saves money!

Sewage waste is discharged to City’s sewage treatment plant at 350,000 gallons of wastewater daily. Very informative program, Jimmy Brown.


September Programs Chairman Jimmy Brown introduced Ms. Jana W. Dyke, Executive Director of our Waycross-Ware County Development Authority. She and her husband William have two boys, Harrison and Tucker, and live in Pierce County. Ms. Dyke graduated from Academy of Economic Development, has a Georgia Economic Development Certificate, from University of Georgia and has been Chairman of two past Chamber’s of Commerce.

Jana enthusiastically says it takes a team to do successful economic development. Her move from Valdosta was a God thing, she said. Tucker is in 8th grade and Harrison is a senior and center of Gators Football Team. A tree fell on their house and thirty helpers came to remove it. The community came and it was a “God Send”.

Chairman of WWDA is Dr. William Clark. Also, on the Board is James Willis, Alex Cornelius, Daniell Morris, Pam Hart and Dr. Yolanda Rivers. Many prospects have looked at us. Her job is to get industries to come and see what is here. Her executive assistant, Janet Wood, handles all calls and forwards them to her as she is out of town 85% of the time, representing the City and County. She has to hold development information to confidentiality. Relationships are what is important to our community with Georgia Power, Economic Development of Georgia Department, Congressman, City and County Industrial Parks. We have two: Waycross-Ware County Industrial Park and Corporate Park. They have identified wetlands and a new logo: Ware the Ways Cross (railroad highways). A new web site with professional info – Partnerships with EMC’s and Georgia Power at Conferences.
New Prospects are:

  • Carolina Skiff – expanding 100 jobs and restructure facilities.
  • Project Boxcar – GATX, 55 jobs + $45,000 Welding salaries have certification for welding.
  • Project Team – Waycross/Pierce / $7 million capital investment. Five year living care.
  • Circle K / Flash Foods – Provide data. “Stay in Waycross” invested in upgrading community.
  • Project Buffet / Old Sea Pac Building – $7 million. St. Louis 50 employees at high end egg rolls.
  • Fortune 500 Company
  • Tax Credit Developments – working on restaurant & Hotel.
  • October 24 / House of Representatives session with comments for

Jason Shaw City Auditorium. “Transportation” and “Timber highlight our community”

  • Waycross In The Running for work with motels.
  • 150,000 sq. ft. distribution center building.
  • Realtors let WWDA know what is for sale or rent; know what is available.

    Go there with “goodies”. Do site prep work, can’t keep up with work.

  • Restaurants working with some in Atlanta.
  • Can get work force here.
  • Working on demo of Almar Motel for select site.
  • October 24-25 / 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. meeting. 9:00 am – 12:00 p.m. in morning.
  • Bunn (Building) Hotel / 2 prospects looking at grants.
  • Semi-Stone fronts 35,000 population

Jana thanked our club for letting her be part of our community. Quite a report!

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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