September 2, 2021

President Carl James called on Chris Gonzales, Chair Person, to introduce Allie Dixon, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, Unison Behavioral Health, a provider of a wide range of community-based services for individuals of all ages who struggle with difficulties at work, home, or at school.

August 5, 2021


President Carl James called on Jim Arnold to introduce this week’s program. Jim introduced Leslie Holland, former Coach now Director of The Miracle League where everyone deserves a chance to play baseball. The Okefenokee League which began in 2004 is a structured baseball program for players ages 5 and up with physical or mental disabilities that would otherwise not be able to participate in traditional programs. It consists of six teams for some 80 players in two seasons, Spring and Fall, played on the fields at the Trembling Earth Sports Complex in Waycross. The games are designed to be a fun experience with lots of social interaction. Community volunteers serve as “buddies” to assist players for safety and social reasons.

July 22, 2021


President Jim Stapleton called on July Program Chair Jim Arnold to introduce Ben Bishop, Advocate, and Ambassador for Pickleball, who moved to Waycross from Roswell in 2018 with his wife and daughter. He works for Stafford/Smith in sales of food equipment and has Bishop Landscaping business also. His purpose is to introduce one of the fastest-growing participation sports in the nation.

June 17, 2021


President Jim Stapleton called on June Program Chair, George Barnhill, to introduce this week’s speaker. He introduce Assistant District Attorney Ian Sanscot, a lawyer in the D.A,’s Office for the past 10 years with the claim to fame being that he is married to Gary Griffin’s daughter. He thanked George for the introduction and was certainly glad to be here to speak even though he was “volun-told” to be here.

June 3, 2021


Waycross Club President Jim Stapleton and Bill Deason welcomed current Georgia State District of National Exchange Club President, Fussell Hughes, and President-Elect Thad Paulk. President Hughes is a member of the Exchange Club of Albany and once lived in Waycross during the year his family moved four times. His remarks were directed toward the upcoming State Convention to be held at Callaway Gardens this year. The agenda calls for a little bit of business and a whole lot of fun utilizing the full amenities of the Gardens.