President Craig Head has set December 1st for a meeting of the board members and any interested members to discuss the fair and how to make it even better in the future. Time to be determined.

Member Phil Wysong is the proud Grandfather of a new baby girl.

Our Exchange Club
of Waycross, Christmas Banquet will be Thursday 15, December.


Even though the fair had to be canceled on Thursday due to the impending wrath of Nichol, the weather was calm
enough during the day to meet and host our partners with Amusements of America. Fair Manager Jonathan Daniell introduced Owner Dominic Vivonia and Maintenance Chief Ron Douberly and later Office Manager Pat Renn, to the members.
Due to the ongoing preparations for the upcoming storm others were unable to attend the meeting.
Dominic said that the parameters for canceling the rides were winds up to 25 to 30 mph. Winds of up to 60 miles per hour would be a reason to dismantle the higher rides. Johnathan said he was confident we would open again on Friday if the storm continued on its current trajectory.
Luckily, his projection was correct, and we proceed to have one of the highest-grossing fairs in the history of the event!


After the fair opened on Friday the crowd was a little slow on coming back, but Saturday was a record-breaking day. Despite the storm’s impact, 2022 was the third highest-grossing event ever. Eighteen thousand (18,000) tickets were sold. Online sales were a hit with many. Credit card and debit card sales continue to rise. Jonathan thanked everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. Especially the maintenance and parking committees. President Craig Head and the parking committee members accomplished a monumental feat in safely parking the thousands of automobiles that came and went each day and night. Jimmy White, Kirby McSwain, Scott, and Billy Dowling worked many long hours before and during the event to keep everything safe and running smoothly.


It is with much enthusiasm that I introduce to you Madaline Elaine Price. Maddy is the daughter of Jimmy and Millie Price. She is joined by her little sister, Erin Price, and her Aunt Cathy. Maddy is ranked 6th among 307 Ware County High School seniors. When asked what attributes to her academic success, Maddy stated, “I attribute my success to my parents.
My parents have always encouraged me to go above and beyond in everything I do. They have made sure I have the resources I need to be successful in my chosen extracurricular activities. Even if my parents had to go without certain things, they always supported me. My parents being supportive in my life had a great impact on my work ethic and determination.”
During Maddy’s time at Ware County High School, she has had the pleasure of being a part of multiple civic clubs and leadership organizations. She has been involved in the band program since 4th grade. Her hard work and dedication have led her to be the first chair euphonium player in the Advanced Wind Ensemble where she plays rigorous music and competes with kids all across Georgia. Maddy has made district, region, and all-state bands while in high school. She also participates in the jazz band as a trombone player to better extend her capabilities with music. In addition, Maddy has played with the “Sound of the Okefenokee” and the “Azalea Winds” who perform all over Georgia. Maddy has developed a passion for music and for conducting. Her parents have allowed her to attend the University of Georgia and Florida State University Drum Major camps to better improve herself as a conductor.
Maddy is a member of the following organizations:

  • The Golden Gator Band, Drum Major for the past two years
  • HOSA
  • Student Council, Honors and Recognition Chairperson
  • The Junior Board of Southern Forest World
  • BETA and NHS
  • Math Team and the Academic Quiz Bowl
  • Platinum Senior
  • The First Southern Bank Junior Board of Directors, Secretary Maddy’s Awards and Community Involvement:
  • In 10th grade, she placed 3rd in the region for medical terminology
  • CPR and BLS certified
  • She served two years on the State Student Advisory Council for the State School Superintendent Richard Woods. On this council, she helped troubleshoot and provide solutions for school problems across the state of Georgia.
  • Served on the Georgia Department of Education’s “Citizen Review Panel” where they discussed high school math
    standards. She was the sole representative for the student population of the state of Georgia.
  • She enjoys working at Starbucks
  • She has completed internships at two local doctor’s offices
  • She volunteers in her church’s nursery
  • Volunteers with homecoming activities, Christmas festivities, and teacher appreciation week
  • Through BETA, NHS, and Student Council, Maddy has accumulated over 210 hours of community service in the last three years of high school. She is proud to serve her community and will continue to do so even after high school.

After graduation, Maddy plans to seek a degree in Biology at either the University of Georgia or Augusta University. If she attends UGA, she plans to participate in the Redcoat Marching Band. After undergraduate school, she plans to attend the Medical College of Georgia to become an anesthesiologist.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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