Great, you want Fair tickets, you're in the right place

but have you ever thought of joining the Exchange Club?

Help build a better America, and in doing so, bring out the best in yourself! Exchange helps members develop leadership, networking, and organizational skills that contribute to success in business, family, and personal endeavors. Here are a few reasons why you should join.

EXCHANGE CLUB - Helping Others

doing something for someone else and knowing the fulfillment that comes from giving.

EXCHANGE CLUB - Build your Business

everyone needs to network and Exchange members to work collectively to help others.

EXCHANGE CLUB - Friendship

provides a regular opportunity for fellowship with people who have similar interests.

EXCHANGE CLUB - Citizenship

average Exchange club members consist of the most active citizens of any community.

EXCHANGE CLUB - Leadership Development

in the Exchange, you're learning to motivate, influence, and lead successful people.


the weekly club meetings, projects, and social activities are fun.

EXCHANGE CLUB - Public Speaking Skills

the Exchange develops confidence and skill in public communications.

EXCHANGE CLUB - National Network

almost everywhere in America, you'll find Exchange clubs to connect with.

EXCHANGE CLUB - Social Skills

join our parties, activities, conferences, conventions, and seminars for additional information.


we're the nicest, most caring people you’ll meet anywhere, dedicated to helping one another, their community, and their country.

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Tuesday thru Friday
Opens at 5:00 pm

Opens at 1:00 pm

There is not a time we close each night. We just stay open until people stop coming.
Normally, Tuesday through Thursday we’ll stay open until about 11:00 pm.
Friday and Saturday nights often stay open until 1:00 am – 2:00 am.