This week Thursday, the February 8, 2018 program speaker will be brought to us by February Programs Chairman Carl James. Carl brings Harlan Proveaux Deputy Director, Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security to us.
Next week Thursday, we honor and thank our public safety heros of the year at 7:0 p.m. Wear redcoats.


President Roger Collins has been out of town on business in Atlanta for last two weeks. He was checking up on latest news for his Ware County Tax Commissioner office.
Jonathon Daniell, Bill Deason, Daniel Warren and Harbin Farr are attending the February 25-27 Georgia Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention in Atlanta to bring back latest news on fairs, shows and entertainment for our annual Fair this fall.


Megan’s House is having a raffle of 300 tickets for a $10,000 prize with a $100 donation per ticket. On April 9th the winning ticket will be drawn.
A local Okefenokee Toastmaster’s Club representative announced they are seeking new members. The club meets at South Georgia State College in Waycross, on Wednesdays at 12 a.m. noon. Wayne Caffarel is president of the club. The meeting is held in the Waycross President’s Dining Room 2001 S. GA Parkway.
Al Jacobson announced that last year’s annual Brotherhood Award ceremony will be held Sunday, February 25, 2 p.m. in the Waycross Hebrew Center. Nominations for the award are being sought. Call Al Jacobson with your nominee;s name for The Morris Jacobson Brotherhood Award. The award goes to the one who has exhibited the spirit of interfaith friendship in our community during the year or beyond.
Georgia Bureau of Investigation The GBI is an independent, statewide agency that provides assistance to the State’s criminal justice system in the area’s of criminal investigations, forensic laboratory services and computerized criminal justice information.
The Bureau consists of three divisions: Investigative Division; Division of Forensic Sciences (GBI) Crime Laboratory; and thirdly, the Georgia Crime Information Center.
Carl James introduced Special Agent in Charge Mark Pro from the Regional Office in Douglas that covers Ware and ten other counties. He opened with an example that anyone is subject to scams. A hacker used the phone number of the GBI Regional Office that appeared in the caller I.D. of college students telling them that warrants had been issued for their arrest. Then they proceeded to obtain identifying information to scam purchases and money. So be wary of any caller that tries to steal your identity. Warning! SAC Pro gave an overview of the GBI from its beginning in 1937 as the investigative unit of the Georgia State Patrol to becoming its own agency in 1972. The GBI is a “Request Agency” in that it must be asked officially to investigate. It does have original jurisdiction in cases of elder abuse, child abuse, organized crime (including Bingo). GBI and local law enforcement work well together in cooperation and shared resources.
There are 75 regional offices with 3 main mission parts:
1.) Investigation 2.) Information (GCIC) 3.) Labs. SacPro introduced the agent assigned to Ware Co. who lives and works here, Seth Hullander. Agent Hullander, Age 27, is originally from Ringgold, GA and a graduate of University of Tennessee – Chattanooga. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Cyrus Purdiman followed with information on the operational units and specialists for the region. Agent Purdiman is a member of the Special Operation Unit as a Bomb Technician and Crime Scam Investigator. He represents the region on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The office also has specialist, in Adult Abuse and Child Abuse. There are three Drug Specialist offices across the state. Agent Purdiman responded to questions and adding information about the number of Officers (currently 260 down from the high of 300 officers.) He has responsibility as Bomb Technician and manager of the “Bombtruck” for the region. He clarified that the Organized Crime Unit and Commercial Gambling Unit work out of Atlanta. The point was made that the GBI uses autopsy in most death cases including “request” cases, unattended deaths and officer involved shootings. Great Program!

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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