Program Chair George Barnhill introduced Dave Callaway.
He is currently the owner of Callaway Communications which publishes THE WAYCROSS MAGAZINE and two television stations, Satilla Faith, channels 2 and 15. In 1975 Mr. Callaway came to Waycross after purchasing radio stations WAYX and WLTE. The stations played country and middle-of-the-road music of the time.
In 2004 Mr. Callaway began publishing THE WAYCROSS MAGAZINE.
The magazine features the good life and times in Waycross and Ware County. He wants everyone to know how wonderful Waycross and Ware County is, by sharing local news, events, and pictures. Printing 5,000 magazines each issue, (two issues per year) it is a free publication and can be found around Waycross in various businesses, Welcome Centers around the state, Waycross-Ware County Chamber of Commerce as well as online. The next issue is due out in mid-July. The publication features human interest stories, numerous photographs of children’s events, local festivals, and gatherings from Swampfest to fundraisers for local charities like Dancing with the Southern Stars and highlights new local artists.
He began by attending and photographing local events around the city and county and listening to local stories that interested him. He wanted a way to share his photos and information.
He asked designer Cynthia Herrin to help him with the development of the project. Publishing the first issue in 2004, he tried to sell it for $2.95 each. Sadly, he had no buyers. He then began to solicit advertisers for the publication. Exchange member Robbie Roberson advertised in his first issue. Robbie is still with him today.
When asked what he liked about Waycross, his answer was “the people.”
Always looking for good stories and pictures, he stated, “if you have any to share, please contact me.”
For more information, you may contact Callaway Communications, 2511 Mahan Drive, Waycross, GA 31501, or call 912-287-0948, email: dave@waycrossmagazine.com.


What is Action Pact? Action Pact is a Community Action agency deeply rooted in the promise of improving lives and communities. For over 50 years Action Pact has collaborated with local partners and has become integral to the progress of the individuals and families in the communities that it serves. Action Pact of South Georgia serves forty-two counties including the cities of Waycross, Savannah, Dublin, Valdosta, Jesup, Blackshear, and Folkston.
Program Chair George Barnhill introduced Community Care Services Director Linda Steedley to share the local agency’s story.
She began by telling the group that some may have remembered the service organization by previous names such as Slash Pine Community Action Services or more recently Concerted Services. The operation in Waycross has recently moved into a larger building, formerly Harvey’s Supermarket. The building has been totally remodeled to serve the needs of the numerous services that are provided by the Action Pact.
Some of the services that Action Pact provides are Head Start and Early Head Start (birth to 4 years old), nutrition and food aid for senior citizens, Senior Centers and Senior day Care, energy assistance, food bank, weatherization to lower energy costs for elderly and families with small children, Talent Search for grades 6-12 and GED offering financial aid and guidance, court appointed attorneys to speak for juveniles best interests.
Community Care strives to provide services to help keep the elderly and disabled from having to enter nursing homes when services can be provided in their home or an assisted living facility. These services are vital to the clients’ quality of life and keep costs down as well. The cost to a patient who is in a nursing home averages $7,200 per month. Action Pact can only approve payments up to $4,000 for nursing home services. Community Care’s case managers provide assessments for the elderly and disabled to determine the best level of care. Also, emergency response aide, watches that monitor falls, personal support aides that will come into the home and render personal care to the client and as needed and home-delivered meals. There is an adult day care service in Waycross, Farr’s on Morningside Drive. Caregivers who live in the home with the client may receive $50.00 per day. The caregiver must have no other job and MUST live in the home. This service does not apply to married couples. Community Care will educate the caregiver on how to tend to the client. Services are also provided through SGRC’s Area Agency on Aging which serves eighteen counties in south Georgia.
Ms. Steedley closed with one important piece of advice, “Caregivers remember, please TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!” For more information about the many services that Action Pact provides for the community, call 912-285-6083.


From Bill Deason

  • Held in Albany, Georgia
  • One hundred forty members present
  • Fifteen clubs represented
  • Representatives from the National Club
  1. Current National President
  2. National President-elect
  3. Tracey EdwardsGeorgia now has four Volunteer Field
  • Representatives available to assist local clubs in training new club officers and members on how to be a successful club

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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