President Jim Stapleton and Chairperson Mary Barnes turned the podium over to Ken Carroll for this week’s program.
Mr. Ken began his Orientation presentation with “the Challenge” from remarks he used when serving as District 10 Director of the Georgia Exchange Club District as part of the New Members Induction Ceremony.“ From this day forward, you will have many challenging opportunities to serve your community through Exchange, so be prepared to freely share with us your own particular talents and resources. As an Exchangite, you are expected to “aid in our continuing expansion and progress by inviting others to be part of Exchange for personal growth and service to the community.”
He then turned to the Covenant of Service as it appears on the pages of this newsletter and brought attention to “the outstanding legacy of leadership” of the Exchange Club of Waycross — one National Exchange Club President and five Georgia District Club Presidents.
In his review for current and new members, he covered the basics beginning with the Motto, a Bible verse, two versions of the Mission Statement before expounding on the Programs of Service — Americanism, Community Service, Youth Activities, and the National Project for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Two other areas of service for our local club are the monthly Red Cross Blood Drive and the annual Okefenokee Agricultural Fair.
In “normal” times, every member should be part of at least one club committee and one Fair committee. Members are challenged to find a place of service. Two default committees are ringing the bell for the Salvation Army and Parking for the Fair. You can examine the list of committees listed in this newsletter, talk to the person leading that committee and apply your interest and talents to that area of service. As the Covenant states, let us consecrate our “best energies” to be ready for a future full of service for the betterment of Our Community.


President Jim Stapleton and Chairperson Mary Barnes turned the podium over to Carlos Nelson, Supervisor of Elections, for this week’s program.
Carlos Nelson has been on the job for thirteen months in what has been a most challenging year. This has been the year for new and hopefully improved elections with the introduction of new equipment and new procedures. Mr. Nelson introduced the newly installed Mission Statement for the Ware County Board of Elections and Registration:

  • Committed to maintaining accurate and current voter files; the use of new technology, new connectivity, and diligent work by the board and staff should keep this at the front of all efforts.
  • Maximizing voter registration and voter turnout efforts; all elections are important and the input of voters is critical to the process. There are currently 22,000 registered voters in Ware County. Registration has never been easier and more readily accessible. Turnouts can vary from 20% to 70%.
  • Educating the voting public; the voter should be involved in keeping his/her records up-to-date and casting a ballot at each opportunity. In the current Sheriff’s race, only 9% of voters have taken advantage of early voting! Sample ballots and actual experience on the new voting machines are part of the preparation to vote.
  • Providing the best possible services; key words are “respect” and “transparency”.
  • Conducting efficient, fair, honest, transparent, and impartial elections; as directed by the laws of the State and Federal governments.

Remember — Ware Votes — where early and often counts!


GEMA/FEMA has identified the Waycross community and the Mall Parking Lot as a location for a supersite for vaccine distribution, more details to follow. Mass Vaccination Site, Waycross Mall, 2215 Memorial Drive, phone 844-276-3952. Schedule appointments,


A Sportsman’s Fellowship is scheduled for Zion Hill Church on March 20 to benefit Matties’ Mission and other local charities, contact Jim Stapleton, or Carl James for information and tickets.


Scott Ray says a limited number of tickets are available for Dancing with the Southern Stars $10,000 drawing.


Exchange Club Flea Market: 5th month of operation; total $9200 net $8640 to date for the club.


Monday, March 22, 2021, at the fairgrounds, come on out and help make a difference in someone’s life.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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