This Thursday, March 5th, March Programs Chairman Mary Barnes brings her first program of March to our March 5th meeting at 12:30 p.m. luncheon. Tom Cribb of Project Search is her program.
February 27, 2020, was our 2020 Public Safety Banquet at 7:00 p.m.
It had been switched a week from February 20 due to a dangerous weather forecast for that evening.
Next week on March 12th, Mary brings a program to be announced (TBA).


Carl James, 2020 Public Safety Awards Banquet Committee Chairman introduced his committee’s plan to list seven Public Safety nominees who were awarded plaques and recognized by Waycross and Ware County chief law officials as winners. They were recognized for their exceptional duty in public safety actions.
First, Ware County Fire Chief Dee Meadows listed Lt. Jason White as a family man and veteran of the U.S. Navy (2010-2014). He had been deployed eight times in dangerous war zones! He is nominated for Ware County Fire Fighter of the Year.
Second, Ware County Fire & Rescue announced David Bennett as Ware County Fire & Rescue Volunteer Firefighter of the year for 2020. David began his career in fire service on May 15, 2018. While working a full-time job and being a husband to Melissa Bennett and father to son Gavin he took on the challenge of the long hours of training and studying. David achieved the Firefighter One Certification and began working part-time with the Ware County Fire & Rescue in July 2019. David is one who symbolizes the words Professional Firefighter.
Third, Ware County, EMS nominated Nicole Smith, EMT of the year 2020. Nicole is a dedicated wife & mother, she is married to Kyle Smith and has two children, Waylan (3) and Katherine (10) months.
She has worked for Ware County for three and a half years. From the time she started, she has shown unusual maturity, been mission-focused to provide excellent care with compassion for her patients.
She is competent, strong, treats everyone with kindness. Nicole has a calm and measured demeanor even while handling horrible human situations. She reflects competence and honor upon herself and her department.
Fourth, Waycross Fire Department’s, Lieutenant Jason Moye was nominated Waycross Firefighter of the Year. Jason started with the Waycross Fire Department in August of 2000. He was an excellent firefighter and with time he studied and trained to take & receive the promotion to Driver/Engineer in July 2012. Jason spent time learning to operate all of the fire apparatus within the department.
After several years as a driver, he passed the test to be a bump-up Lieutenant. Jason studied for and took the classes needed to be a company officer and in August of this past year, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He has been a very dependable and likable person throughout his career.
Fifth, PSCC nominations for Public Safety Officer of the Year 2019 for Ware County 911 are Communications Officers Autumn Toler,
Nikki Strickland and Tiffany Moon. Communications officer Toler began her career with Ware County 911 November 10, 2016, and has been employed for three years, Nikki Strickland worked previously for 911 for ten years and has recently returned in November 2019, Tiffany Moon began her career on October 13, 2016, and has been employed for three years. Collectively these ladies have 16 years of experience as 911 Communications Officers. All three officers have a vast knowledge of 911 making them very successful in their careers. They collectively worked 15-16 calls on a shooter case in Wal-Mart while directing vehicles to the proper location of the shooter!
Sixth, Sergeant William Kicklighter is nominated Waycross Police Department Officer of the Year. He was born and raised in Waycross, GA. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served four years. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving in the 1st infantry Division. He joined the Waycross Police Department on March 20, 2005, and immediately excelled as a rookie officer. Drawing on his military training, he was assigned to the department’s S.W.A.T. team in July 2008 as an entry member, a position he still holds today. In June 2010 he was assigned to the department’s K-9 unit, serving in that capacity until January of 2020, he additionally served as one of the department’s Field Training Officers. He was recently promoted to Sergeant and has been a natural leader within the patrol section for years. Officer Kicklighter was awarded a life-saving medal for his actions during a medical call in March of 2019.
Sergeant Kicklighter’s actions in high stressful situations have earned him the recognition of this prestigious award.
Seventh, Sheriff Randy Royal nominated Captain Neil Skeratt as nominee for Public Safety Officer of the Year for the office of the Sheriff. Neil’s accomplishments are as follows: 1998 graduate of Colquitt County High School; Valdosta State University attaining a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and History 2003; attended the U.S. Navy’s Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, FL, became a commissioned officer in October 2013, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and then to the rank of Lieutenant while in Washington, DC serving as an Intelligence Analyst at the Office of Naval Intelligence.
In 2008 Neil obtained a Master of Public Administration degree from VSU, he then left active naval service in 2009 and received an honorable discharge. In March 2009 he was hired by Sheriff Randy Royal and sent to Regional Police Academy in Tifton, GA.
After becoming a part of the Ware County Sheriff Department he excelled in his endeavors as an officer, moving up in rank. Neil stays abreast of the latest techniques and technology which enhances his abilities as an officer.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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