This week’s luncheon program is not yet determined. It may be a club meeting or other.
Next week’s luncheon program is brought to us by President-Elect Burton Carter, May Programs Chairman with our annual legislative update. Legislators speaking in the update will be State Senator, District 7, Tyler Harper; State Representative District 180, Steven Sainz 2018, James Burchett, State Representative 176 (2019); and John Corbitt State Representative, District 174 (2017)!


President-Elect Burton Carter introduced Sgt. Rena Riviere, Social Studies teacher and Junior ROTC Instructor at Ware County High School, at our last meeting. Sgt. Riviere introduced the members of WCHS Color Guard Seniors
of their Junior ROTC; Lt. Col. Shambrica Smith, Lt. Col. Shymeria Eady and Lt. Col. Rain Weis all who presented brief reviews of the Junior ROTC workings. They have 103 members in their Junior WCHS Military Services. A cadet is a trainee being trained to become an officer in the military and being a leader of character while learning civility and citizenship in order to become better citizens, along with service to our community.
Cadets must wear their uniform once a week while serving on the drill team, working on academic bowl, learning leadership, or serving at football games while going to High School and College. They are taught teamwork in order to have a better attitude, conduct and behavior.
(You know, this is what the rest of our community and country need to observe and imitate! Thank you Sergeant and Junior Cadets!)


May Programs Chairman, Burton Carter introduced Jana Dyke our club member and Executive Director of the Waycross-Ware County Development Authority. Dr. William Clark is chairman of DWDA. Jana opened saying the Authority has six parcels in the Waycross-Ware County Industrial Park with water, sewer, power access and rail service. They are matching the $500,000 ONE GEORGIA EQUITY FUND grant with Ware County/Waycross $500,000 funds to have $1,000,000 for infrastructure and land purchase development for industry. They have all legals, appraisals and inventory requirements done for quick development. It provides “deal closure” funds when machinery, relocation assistance, and entrepreneur support are needed to “close”. They have 20 acres, 91 acre, RR attached, soil erosion approved plans, wetlands plan, 12″ water line access, Georgia Power access, all due diligence items done! Also, they have a 198 acre site submitted to EDA and 4 sites with RR access, including an 18 acre airport site. An industry they are working on has a 100,000 square feet first floor building with room to expand and are working with 3 industries.
When US 84 is opened they will have truck transportation industry sites with highway frontages and road access
sites. Sounds promising and a good future for our area! Thanks for the program, Burton and Jana.


Patrick Simmons of Georgia Department of Labor introduced a new program for our area at the Department of Labor. Changes are coming for the Chamber in next six months. We are partnering with the Georgia Department of Labor to strengthen our efforts and help us “right our wrongs”. The Chamber has 400 members and need to grow. There are benefits to being a member. The board has met at a retreat to work on long term plan and to make us grow better. They have developed a focus for labor growth that builds better workforce in order to serve new industry and business. Great informational program! Promising news! Thanks Burton!



  • Jack Lloyd, guest, and Jr. ROTC Instructor.
  • Sgt. Rena Riviere, Ware County Schools Social Studies teacher and Jr. ROTC Instructor
  • Rain Weis, Lt. Col. Ware County High School Junior ROTC Color Guard.
  • Shymeria Eady, Lt. Col. Ware County High School Junior ROTC Color Guard.
  • Shambrica Smith, Lt. Col. Ware County High School Junior ROTC Color Guard.
  • Kalissa Corbitt, new member of Waycross-Ware County Development Authority working with Jana Dyke.
  • Page Taylor, new member of Waycross-Douglas Department of Labor working with Manager, Patrick Simmons.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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