Our program this week Thursday at 12:30 p.m. is to be our legislative delegation to Georgia. Representative Jason Spencer, Representative John Corbitt, Representative Jason Shaw and Senator Tyler Harper are brought to us by May Programs Chairman, Burton Carter. Next week’s program is undetermined at this point.


President Roger Collins read a letter from our Youth of the Year winner Victoria Highsmith thanking our club for our kindness.
Our support of her goal to increase volunteers using our financial support will help her pursuit of improved community services.


Dr. Tyler Bennett, Principal of Center Elementary School commented that their purpose of the chorus is to allow students to perform better with art courses. Students have been given gifts and talents from God. It is good to give students an outlet to perform. Barbara Patterson is Director with helpers Kathy Gray and Wanda Tisby. Volunteer Sam Stack moved all equipment to and from the performance sites. Students acted out some of the song’s stories. All singing was forceful, on key and very entertaining on the theme of “Love” to emphasize what is needed for our society to prosper. Songs included, Many Splendered Thing, Ain’t She Sweet, Yellow Rose of Texas, Nothing Could Be Finer than Being in South Carolina, Rink-A-Dink-A-Do I Love You, Love Me Tender (with Elvis Actor), Love that Makes The World Go Around, While Strolling Through the Park One Day, You Are My Sunshine, and several more love songs. Great Program Burton, and the chorus deserves to perform in more prominent places!


President Roger Collins read a letter of thanks from Terri Jenkins of the American Red Cross office thanking our Club for support of Blood Drives in our Exchange Club Center building. Also, Ms. Jenkins thanked our club for paying for parking three buses spaces for senior adults from the Nelson Greene Senior Center trip to several Georgia State Parks recently. This part of our community service was paid from Fair proceeds to our club. Great community service to help our senior citizen’s enjoyment.


Exchange Club President Sidney Blanton visiting our and two other clubs presented “Conductor Club” awards for sponsoring new members with a certificate and pin. Five members included:
1) Chief Tony Tanner 2) Bill Deason 3) Burton Carter 4) James Brown and 5) Roger Collins. President Blanton reminded members the Georgia District Convention is May 31 – June 1-2 at Sea Palms and National Exchange Convention in Reno, Nevada July 12-14. Collegiate and Excell Clubs have lost members. He encouraged our members to ask friends, associates, relatives to visit club and become members of “Conductor’s Club”. Great Suggestion!


Program Chairman Burton Carter introduced Earl Leroy “Buddy” Carter as U.S. Representative for Georgia 1st District. He is a former member of the Georgia State Senate first elected in 2009.
Representative Carter began by thanking members of the club who are veterans to stand. Several members stood and were thanked for serving our country.
He thanked Jack Williams for currently serving on the Service Academy Nomination Board. He thanked Jack for helping review and sending great young people to our academies.
The Bill to cut taxes took effect on April 18, 2018 and eliminates the tax long form. Deduction limits were increased and the Child Credit doubled. Cost has already been paid off. Much money is added to economy, $2,000 average for tax refund. Bonuses and growth have raised that to 3, 4 or 5% economic growth. The Federal Aviation Act reauthorizes infrastructure in a series of smaller bills. 478 bills have passed the house and 168 remain for signing and confirmation of judges by the senate.
The Farm Bill is strong in Georgia. SNAP in the Bill decreases food stamps use. He is working on its reauthorization.
The Speinding bill increased spending on defense for Secretary Jim Mattis with military funding. It helps deepen harbors which is good for the 1st District businesses.
The Energy and Commerce Committee is the oldest Committee.
Working on building diverse Energy and Health Sub-committees.
His Opioid Bill passed. It gives grant money to certain areas of county. Prescription drugs are expensive and not accessible to some. Not good!
Telecom is being extended to rural areas.
President called China out for stealing our intell secrets. He is dealing with Syria and North Korea now.
Infrastructure monies are available for rural areas. The Wall is being planned, a new VA Secretary is working well. Homeless women veterans are a concern for him. Thanks Burton for arranging this update!


  • Dan Brooks
  • Jean Cook, wife and guest of Dean Cook.
  • Representative Jason Spencer.
  • Senator David Schaffer.
  • Emmett Nolan, Volunteer in service to our President Georgia District Exchange Clubs, Sidney Blanton.
  • Hunter Hall, guest of Representative Buddy Carter.
  • Wanda Tisby, Volunteer helper for Chorus.
  • Kathy Gray, Volunteer for Chorus.
  • Sam Stack, Volunteer for Chorus, guest of Barbara Patterson, Director.
  • Matilda Robertson, guest of Tony Tanner.
  • Benji Hersey, guest of Tony Tanner.
  • Mike Thrift, guest of Randy Royal.
  • Roberta Cowen, friend and guest of Steve Smoak.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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