This week Thursday’s luncheon speaker will be introduced by Burton Carter as Ms. Jana Dyke, Executive Director, Waycross and Ware County Development Authority.
Next week will be a great program!


President Chris Tatum reported Ms. Tonya Miller, Waycross City Manager has been approved by our Board of Directors for membership in our club. Neal Skerratt, Detective, has resigned due to conflicts in his work hours. James Deal, Warden also resigned as he has been moved to another work location.
Future Business Leadership of America (FBLA) has a competition in San Antonio. Ware County Seniors High School students need donations to cover their expenses going to competition. Cash donations are needed. Please consider helping as you can.


Bert Smith Ware County High School Principal introduced our new Ware County High School Football Coach Jason Strick- land at our membership noon luncheon last week. Coach Strickland believes in tough practice to build strength of mind and body. Practice will begin in the third week of June. Valdosta tour will take place on June 21st. July 7th is Brantley County, August 5th is Camden County, September 6th is Coffee County, September 13th is Glynn Academy, 20th is Vikings, Wayne County is November 8th.
Coach Strickland said he was excited to begin working here. He is excited to be in this landmark program in the state. Exciting to be “called” here. It is a calling for him, and he said he loves what he does. Welcome to our club, Coach Strickland!


Ginger Peagler introduced Gail Seifert, Coordinator of Ware Children’s Initiative, P.O. Box 2801, Waycross, Georgia 31502. Their vision is to see that each family and child in Ware County will be born and grow up healthy and secure from abuse and neglect and become literate, productive and economically self-sufficient. Several counselors for the school system work with the kids needing help. They are Ambi Bess, Carlos Nelson, Dr. Glyn Thomas, Celenda Perry, and Kim Frazier Jones Chairman of the Initiative is Glyn Thomas at Unison telephone 912-449-7101. Gail Seifert can be reached at 912-816-5317. KIDS COUNT data provides access and download possible to inform you of decisions and efforts to improve child and family well-being in your community. Their resources help you craft solutions to issues in your city or county through non-partisan avenues. For example, they improve scholastic scores by providing kids with their Book Flix Fix, a digital literacy resource made available to kids under “Get Smart” episodes and “Fun to Know” topics.
Georgia Pre-K Program was set to welcome 84,000 4 year old’s in 2017 session of the Georgia General Assembly. Interesting program to help grow our kids safely!


Ginger Peagler introduced Zina Ponsell Director of Magnolia House – Shelter for the Abused in Waycross. In 2015 an estimated 4,670 children died from abuse and neglect in the United States. Children’s Advocacy Centers around the United States served more than 311,000 child victims of abuse. They are providing victim advocacy to help them cope with abuse.
Ms. Ponsell presented comments on RAD KIDS, a national leader in children’s safety and development. They teach kids how to turn fear into power in order to prevent sexual assault on kids. They teach how to set boundaries and stop bullying. They emphasize Personal, Empowerment, Safety, and Education. Our Darkness to Light program provides education of kids to help protect kids from violence and crime.
RAD has three rules:

  1. Make “cool” kids who know they are special and protected and not experiencing hurt;
  2. Myself is the focus of keeping myself safe;
  3. Whatever happens, it is not their fault.

Training of school kids is done in 15-minute sessions on – bullying, good people, bad people, 911, drugs safe zone, and other topics to be added. How to get away using fists and feet. “BOB” is a replica of a “dummy” to learn how to kick “him” and get away. They have a “BOB, JR” dummy for 4 year old’s to train on. They learn stance, block, and peppering quick fists with fingers extended! High elbow, heel, toe kick, and shin kick and using phone 911 non-emergency and emergency language.
Other sources of help can come from SAFE HOMES (alcohol-drug-free environment). Also, Georgia’s TARG provides short best practices, prevention, resources for classrooms as led by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of Georgia. Magnolia House and our Exchange Club Child Abuse Presentation program.
Wow, what is needed to keep our kids safe nowadays! Thanks for the program, Ginger and Zina.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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