This week Monday, May 27th is our Country’s Memorial Day for citizens to recognize and honor our fallen military heroes. I hope you have shown your support! Our blood drive with the Red Cross was also open from 9:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. on Memorial Day! This week Thursday our May 30th luncheon speaker will feature a representative from the United States Secret Service. Next week’s program June 6th will be brought to our luncheon meeting by June Programs Chairman, George Barnhill.


President Chris Tatum reported at our last meeting that our Okefenokee Agricultural Fair dates have been changed this year from November 5-9 to November 12th – 16th Note This Change! No new members to report this week. However, it is reported that Jim LeBrun will have to resign his membership in our club due to his decision to retire from working in this school district.


So you know, GiGi Goble, not our newest member, is related to Mattie Elizabeth Goble, a five-year-old child diagnosed and who passed, with an inoperable, incurable brain stem tumor who fought with much grace and the utmost faith in her Lord Jesus Christ. A 501c3 non-profit Foundation was founded to financially, prayerfully and practically help fight other childhood cancers through major events and donations. Just so all new members know.


President-Elect Burton Carter and May Programs Chairman opened our annual luncheon program last week by introducing our county’s legislators, State Representative James Burchett, State Representative, John Corbett, State Representative, Steven Sainz, and State Senator Tyler Harper. James Burchett reported he was the newest legislator of the four and was designated as the first speaker. He said he appreciated the opportunity to serve as representative of part of four counties due to previous redistricting. He in most cases and issues tried to vote in common with the others. That makes their combined support to have more impact on the issues they are voting on and considering. Representative Burchett is on the transportation committee and worked to get US1 Bypass on the scoping phase which can resolve economy sources and feasible locations. It should be complete in 2029 costing $40 to $50 million. A temporary bypass will cost between $3 to $4 million. Steven Sainz said passing the fetal heartbeat bill was his proudest moment. Also, education workers bill will receive a $3,000 salary increase. A public safety bill working with Senator Harper produced a Smart on Crime initiative he was proud of. Representative John Corbett said he is on nine committees and very busy with special sessions. They approved money for loans to tornado victims, 42% of the budget to education, $1 million to forestry, GEMD got $275,000, School defense money of $30,000 to each school. School nursing got broadband to fight illness. Senator Tyler Harper reported Georgia’s #1 state to do business and local chambers of commerce. Ware County is #1 census micropolitan in state for creating 325 jobs and built 341,000 sf. of new construction over two years. Senator Tyler Harper said this was his 7th update to Waycross Exchange Club and thanked our club for our support. He now has five committee assignments. He is a representative for our part of the state and is running hard. Georgia is growing at a 7% rate in the state, 5% this year and is going to grow next year. HB #213 is an agriculture and consumer affairs bill to grow industrial hemp sponsored by Tyler Harper, passed by John Corbett. It entitles Georgia Hemp Farming Act enacted April 02, 2019 with the purpose of academic research and other controlling purposes. Legal nationwide. Broadband was passed to be beneficial to rural areas in the state. A Natural Resources act to protect our 100-mile coast with environmental standards and issues. It helps businesses, private land, and the environment. #HB501 legislation passed to allow farming of oysters for tourists and businesses, also. Alleged to be the best in the nation! This has been a profitable report this year on the legislation passed. Thanks, Burton Carter for scheduling this update!


Burton Carter reported that all members are to take their 2019 Fair Committee assignments, the same as last year. All new members are to sign up for a committee that they think they want to serve on and tell the chairman. Fair committees are listed in the Fair Book. See Jonathan Daniell or Harbin Farr to get a copy and ask for advice. Fair dates are November 12-16, 2019.


Tiffany Warren sent a letter to our club thanking us for donation to a school counselor program to help seniors decide on future courses. Also, a report on the success of Ware County Rifle Scholarships given to students for their progress in shooting and behaviors. Many students from our school go to the military, college with the money. Shoot-outs at our Ware County Rifle Range are referred to as the best facilities in the state. NRA helps fund the operation. Our Exchange Board helped fund a little. Great service again for our high school students.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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