This week’s Waycross Exchange Club program for November 12th luncheon is Robert Briggs, owner of Modern Midway business renting our fairgrounds from November 21st to 30th. Our club will not run fair equipment. The owner is responsible for all activities. Next week, our luncheon program speaker will be announced.


David Osburn of David Osburn Photography has applied for membership in our club. Last week, the process was completed with all positive comments. David is now a member of our club. Please welcome David and family, and consider him for a place on our club committees. Remember, our club is America’s service club. Welcome, David Osburn!


President Jim Stapleton reported Matties Mission a 501 (c)3 non-profit has created a contest selling 500 tickets at $20 each in memory of five-year-old Mattie Goble with an incurable DIPG brainstem tumor. She passed away to Jesus on February 17, 2013. Proceeds will be used for helping similar cancer patients and, of course, giving a small part for ticket winners. Very expensive Henry rifles and guns also will be prizes. Our club helps support the creation of the Mission. So help!


Our newest fundraiser to help pay for lighting and other operating expenses as reported are by joint chairpersons, Horace and Miranda Whitley that their Saturdays Exchange flea market has brought us a profit of $2,710 in September and October. Signs to direct customers to the market have been put out. Let’s support the Exchange “marketeers”.


Our newest club member, Ralph Pittman, was introduced by Jim Stapleton as our last luncheon speaker. He is the Detention Officer, Supervisor of the Ware County Jail. Ralph moved from training and up to Supervisor and was described as his most reliable employee when the leader of this county department. Ralph had sixteen years with the Sheriff’s Office and now has eighty staff in the jail. Ways to train and monitor staff have resulted in bringing $1.3 million back into county storage. Thirty percent pays for equipment. They have inmates now able to talk to families safely by eliminating movement of prisoners and other unsafe activities. The suicides occurred at their initial imprisonments of one day each. Inmates can now print on their shorts and shirts. A 2,000 book library has been maintained. Nothing illegal comes into the jail from visitors. They have several teams regularly used. Everyone is on a fourteen-day quarantine to stop virus growth. No virus has occurred. All get three hot meals. They have purchased two machines for cleaning. Jim Stapleton, Danny Christmas, and now Ralph Pittman have served as jail administrators.


This club meeting started with our luncheon and Exchange Club pinning ceremony for Ralph Pittman, new Club member, and Ware County Jail Supervisor. U. S. Representative Buddy Carter was introduced by President Jim Stapleton. District one extends from the north line of Georgia – Savannah to the Georgia south line border. It has 750,000 people including Bacon, Wayne, Liberty, Savannah, Valdosta with two large airports, several counties, and four major federal centers of Hunter Airforce Base, Moody Airport, two coast centers, and a federal law enforcement training center. Agriculture is a big part of the economy. Representative Carter said he considers our club as his home. Freedoms are dear to people here. Elections choose officials and we need to owe our freedoms to our veterans. We need to vote and encourage choice. Two senatorial elections are to be held and many primaries in Georgia. The unexpired term for Johnny Isackson is a runoff. A runoff is due in January 1st. The pandemic has not been seen since the 1800’s. A vaccine is due “warp speed” to help control the virus. Ohio’s shipment of products are coming in to Savannah. The ports support jobs down the line as a ripple effect. Thanks for coming “home” to our area, Buddy Carter!


Al Jacobson Blood Drive Chairman for our Exchange Club of Waycross reported that on November 23, Monday, our committee collected 152 pints of blood donated by our community citizens. Congratulations Al!

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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