Daniel Warren October Luncheon Program Chairman has scheduled Heather Gonzalas of Hospice to speak to our club members on October 15 at 12:30 p.m. Next week, Daniel has arranged for U.S. Representative, Buddy Carter of the 1st Congressional District in Georgia to speak at our luncheon meeting. Ask a guest to come, eat, and listen to our speaker.


Three new member proposals have cleared the one-week review period and have been approved by the Exchange Club of Waycross, Board of Directors with positive written comments. Dues are to be paid by new members to Treasurer Bill Deason. Orientation will come now to give members a better picture of our activities and to meet key members in the club. Bill Deason is Chairman of the orientation Committee as well as the Treasurer. Larry Paulk is Assistant Treasurer, Mary Fogle is Secretary, and Carl James is President-Elect to lead us next year. New members: Helen Morgan, wife of former member Roy Morgan (deceased); Ralph Pittman Ware County Jail Manager; and Erick Swhoartz retired plastic products producer. Welcome to America’s Service Club, all.


Our new members Horace and Miranda Whitely are Cochairs of our new Exchange Club of Waycross Flea Market Committee. They both operate our new fundraiser Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday every week except during days of storms and special events. As of last week, they have received rental space fees of $950. One hundred fifty square feet of space is rented by the vendor for two days each week. Income is increasing bit by bit as organizational features are developed behind the fair building. The needed growth space will expand. Parking cars by owners will be located in front of the fair buildings. This project for the community’s use will grow as word gets out. The committee is part of our club’s Community Service goals while providing funds to help pay for lighting the grounds and other expenses. The fee for 10’x15′ space has been raised to $20 per 150 square feet to cover increasing expenses. Call Horace and Miranda Whitley to volunteer to help them and our club! We need to support them as they help our club. Other details are in the last two and in future Redcoaters. The fairgrounds are rented by a private midway company with rides and no food or drinks. See future Redcoater for details. The company handles all facilities and will follow our regulations to keep orderly operation and no expenses for our club. Another Community Service from November 20 to November 29, 2020. Jimmy White is in charge of legal matters being followed. We believe volunteers may help him. Give him a call at 281- 2512 (mall phone).


Daniel Warren October Program Chairman introduced his boss, Ingrid-Thompson Sellers, President of South Georgia State College for an update on the college’s growth. President Sellers stated she arrived here three years ago to take over leadership of the college. Covid 19 hit the college and plans were implemented by the college staff. The mission of the plans was to design and build a safe working place for students and visitors. A huge document was prepared for changes as the college stayed open! She gave great credit to Daniel for working with seventy-two classes in order to keep the 6-foot mandatory space between everyone as they moved through the classes and wear masks and keep social distances. The college system to keep open summer and fall, all doors open, not the campus, while working with the class schedules and keeping Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday- Friday class schedules. (Complicated!) Signage had to be changed throughout and not huddle together! Commencement proceedings were pushed to 2021. National Collegiate Athlete Association determines schedules for games. Teachers have two virtual sessions to reach out to students. They will have the inaugural commencement and celebrate students’ accomplishments. President Sellers said they have been in isolation and she feels good to be out today and see everyone. Students had nineteen infections from August to October and faculty had twelve infections. They went out and contracted the virus! The college has good-mission to keep recruiting still. Sounds like you kept them safe, Daniel! Congratulations!


Daniel Warren introduced Stanley Sinkfield, Vice-President of Waycross Area Community Theater, 509 Pendleton Street. Stanley started by saying the Theater started in 1977 after purchasing it from the Ritz theater. WACT is a volunteer 501C3 non-profit. Some are paid as needed. It is designed to provide a service to the community and area. It is open now but the Covid 19 disease has cut their volume attendance. “ELF” is coming next and small parts are available. Seniors needed! They will have two musicals this year. Also, a Christmas Show will be put on in December. This is their 48th Season, 49th and 50th in the next two years. They will redo some previous shows well-liked. Call the WACT Board for suggestions or submit them on Facebook. The Theater is 100 years old and renovations are underway – drop ceiling, new seats, a/c better now, re-painting done, WIFI control temperature, new updated lights with color and polices/bylaws updated. They build sets with creativity and skill. Kids help by keeping in line and helping build. Volunteers can come to help you get out of your comfort zone. The new curtain is needed and walls are covered for aesthetics looking good. Tickets are $15.00 door only or by membership $10.00 each. Another asset to downtown keeping it going. Great Program Daniel to show off to our community!

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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