This week we have NO LUNCHEON MEETING! The room is rented for the entire week. We meet this October 21, Saturday, at the Fairgrounds for a Work Day starting at 8:00 a.m. Bring your clean up tools with you to help get the jobs done sooner. All members are expected to help.
Next week, Program Chairman Santo Nino brings DFACS Director, Cathy Cason – Ware County Foster Parents. Invite a friend, relative and associate to our luncheon meetings and give them an application and invitation to join America’s Service Club. Also, you will join Georgia District President Sidney Blanton’s Exchange Train moving through Georgia and receive the Conductor’s Club pin from President Blanton himself, after the member joins!


Jonathon Daniell, Okefenokee Agricultural Fair Manager, announced it is time for members to apply for free pass to Fair and Midway rides by delivering to him, 1” x 1” picture with name on back and $5.00 for each child applying. Jonathon will prepare pass with picture and make it available to child/family. Also, Jonathon has caps, vests and jackets for members to buy and wear to the fairgrounds for Exchange identification.
Fairground work days for members to clean up and prepare for the Fair are set for Saturdays October 21 and November 4 starting at 8:00 a.m. until noon or until the jobs are done. Bring tools to weed and repair and cut paper for decorations by students at the Fair.
Check with Jonathon Daniell for details.
Members/families are expected to bring desserts for evening meals for those working at the Fair. Cretia Dowling can be contacted to report proposed food you are bringing and which days. Please help as much as you can.


Mayor John Knox reported that many of the City and County officials involved in carrying out transportation planning and implementation of projects were unavailable to speak last Thursday about the proposed Transportation-Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax referendum in Waycross and Ware County. He said Waycross’ roads are old and many are unpaved in the city and county. Ware County is the largest county in the State and Waycross needs to repair pavement and other transportation facilities to maintain a quality of life and attract new industry to locate and grow here. Albany Avenue needs repairs as the main entrance from the airport to town, industry, business and homes in the city-county urban area. T-Splost one cent (%) money, if passed on November 7, 2017 would be used only for the transportation system to build and maintain. Population residents in Waycross and Ware County account for 35,000 residents using roads.
But, during the day and weekends, population increases to 50,000-55,000 from other joining counties and through traffic multiplying traffic counts on the system.
The construction and maintenance of transportation system is a vital factor in the economy and ease of movement between the social-economic facilities of Waycross-Ware County. Industry takes into account, their ease of movement, delivery of products and impact upon their bottom profit line.
This single county SPLOST will apply a 1.0% tax for 5 years and generate about $45 million from April 2018 to March 2023. The funds collected will be shared equally (50/50) between Ware County and the City of Waycross. Uses of the tax proceeds shall include (a) acquisition of ROW; (b) construction of roads, streets, bridges, sidewalks and bicycle paths; (c) Renovation of the system components; (d) Relocation of the facilities and utilities; (e) Improvement of surface water drainage on the facilities; (f) Patching, leveling, milling, widening shoulder and other related repairs as necessary.
A regional (several counties) SPLOST referendum is proposed by Georgia DOT later. If it passes, Ware County and Waycross would only receive $11,000,000 to be split (5.5 / 5.5) million. Legal questions are involved as to whether we would have to pay twice 1¢ + 1¢ if both referendums pass. There is a possibility that if our 1¢ passes, there would not be a second 1¢ to pay for the regional projects. On the positive side / outlook, paying 2¢ more for 5 + years could give adequate monies to fix most of our transportation problems. Quite an opportunity to ponder!! Let’s support our community!


Assistant Ware County Fire Chief Jesse Jordan was introduced by Santo Nino, October 5th, at our meeting luncheon.
Chief Jordan told members that the Fire Department has purchased eight Freight line trucks for $100 each. Six will be converted to water tankers by County staff, a savings of $1,000’s in place of buying them at market price. The Department needs more recruits to replenish the fire rescue staff as they move to other jobs and some retire. A drive will be undertaken soon at the main airport station for the entire community to visit and see the staff and equipment up close.
They also purchased a low mileage hook and ladder truck from Portsmouth, Virginia that had been slightly damaged and easily repaired by staff. It had only 52,000 miles on it. The cost of repairs was $14,000 to make the value of the truck, $160,000! Two worn out fire trucks are to be replaced with new ones soon. Funds will come from SPLOST tax.
Santo Nino was reported by President Roger Collins to have saved a womans’ life recently by pulling her out of a fire last month. He returned to the burning building to carry her out! Quite an act of valor for Santo and for the Fire Department to record. Thank you Santo for your courage and action!

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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