This week Thursday, Daniel Warren has arranged for U.S. Representative, Buddy Carter, 1st Congregational District to speak to our club. Next Thursday, November 5th, Ralph Pittman Ware County Jail Administrator will speak to our club about his job experiences.


Horrace and Miranda Whitley volunteers and members Chairman and Co-Chairman of our Club’s new fund-raiser is in charge of management duties of our Flea Market on the Fairgrounds. The Market is open Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The rental space is 10’x15′ foot space at $20 per 150 square feet each Saturday. Large turnouts showed up the last two Saturdays. Volunteers can serve on the committee by talking to Miranda and Horace at 288-9461. Funds collected are turned over to Treasurer Bill Deason after each Saturday.


Every fourth Monday of the month, our Ellie Royal Conference Room is loaned to the Blood Drive crew for donors to come and give blood. Al Jacobson, the chairman reported last week that in 2019, 137,000 sites are open to donating in the whole system. Our club’s crew of Waycross Exchange/Red Cross collected an average of 379 pints and were 39th in the United States for the number given! Members are needed to help move tables back to appropriate locations in the room. FAIR RENTALS President Jim Stapleton called a board meeting last week to finish reviewing details of the proposed contract for the rental of the grounds for a small fair. Monies again are collected to be used to help pay for lighting and for utilities used by the midway. Jimmy White manages fair concerns as approved by the board of directors (6) and officers (7). We are still waiting for Burton’s recovery and healthy return to the club!


Roger Collins introduced Patrick Simmons for a discussion on details of the proposed one-cent SPLOST. Daniel Warren and Roger requested the discussion be given to the club. Dr. Clark and Dr. Smith, our Chairmen of the Downtown Waycross Development Authority, were present to answer historical questions regarding SPLOST. Patrick Simmons is the director of the DWDA. The last SPLOST was voted down and discussions of concern of not letting it happen again as the monies collected pay for needed infrastructure to help make Waycross and County more attractive for shopping, movement, and industry. Benefits of SPLOST reported by Mr. Simmons were; helps Waycross/Ware County Chamber of Commerce recruit industry and shopping according to Dr. Clark and Dr. Smith. The economy was helped to bring $89 million in infrastructure, Miracle League Park, Fire Safety equipment, Ware County Courthouse, Waycross Administration, and County Administration. Everyone working, living, visiting here pays a portion of the tax over the years the tax is collected and makes all contribute to the cost. Forty percent goes to Ware County and 50% goes to City. Projects proposed should be listed in the newspaper. Improvements to courtrooms are required by the state and feds. Economic development and jobs were added in the Industrial park. SPLOST Tax receipts are used to help leverage new business and industry. SPLOST received $40 million. One (1) Million went to each courtroom. Public opinion was negative and a sore spot by many in the community. Regional SPLOST collected $42 million.


It is with much enthusiasm that Robbie Winn introduced Trinity Norwood, who is the daughter of Brian and Christy Norwood. She is currently ranked 7th out of 348 Ware County High School seniors. Trinity’s Activities/Honors at WCHS include:
• BETA Club 10th – 12th Grade
• All “A” Honor Roll 9th – 12th Grade
• National Honor Society 10th – 12th Grade
• Volleyball Captain 10th – 12th Grade
• Soccer Captain 10th – 12th Grade
• Homecoming Court 9th – 11th Grade
• FFA Member 9th -11th Grade
• HOSA Member 9th Grade
• WB&T Jr. Board of Directors 12th Grade
• Presbyterian Jr. Fellows recipient 11th Grade
• Georgia Certificate of Merit recipient 11th Grade
• Okefenokee Lion’s Club Honor Society
12th Grade Trinity has been involved in a number of community activities including
• Cleaning up elderly people’s homes and yards through a church service project
• Volunteered at Satilla Animal Hospital
• Currently volunteering at the animal shelter in Blackshear
• Participated in various community projects in association with BETA and NHS.
After graduation from Ware County High School, Trinity plans to attend South Georgia State College and be a Pre-Vet major. Trinity intends to go onto Vet school following the completion of her Bachelor’s degree. Congratulations Trinity for your success in high school. Continue your good work as we pray for your growth and service.


Heather Gonzales, Community Liaison for GHC Hospice located at 1908 Tebeau Street explained that they provide hospice care that encompasses the medical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of treatment. The cost of care whether the patient chooses profit or non-profit hospice is paid by insurance exactly the same. However, each hospice is unique in the specific services they provide outside of what is required. The main difference between the two is that a non-profit cannot show a profit at the end of the year. GHC reinvests the money they earn back into patient care and retaining staff which has more education, training, and experiences. GHC is a 501(c) non-profit organization that has expanded services to their patients. Their care includes wound management, companionship support, spiritual support, medical equipment and supplies, and bereavement care and counseling to surviving family members and caregivers. Also, the patient’s care should not cause financial stress. GHC views hospice as a means of living and not dying. Thanks, GHC for your introduction to your Hospice services.

Unity for Service

Our Motto - Unity for Service
The motto was adopted in 1917.
Its originator, Charles Berkey,
said the motto was inspired
by the 133rd Psalm, which says
“Behold how good and pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity.”

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